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  • Hello from Houston, Texas

    Hello from Houston, Texas, ride a Honda Goldwing trike, like to eat and ride, not in that order.


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    Hello Speedy!
    I live in Bastrop but spend a lot of time in Houston, well actually Katy, but that's pretty close.

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      Hello jmohme:
      Sorry for the delay, been out of town for week. Travel thru Bastrop headed for Austin ever so often. I live on the very south side of Houston near the Space Center, love the BBQ @ Midway in Katy.

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        Welcome to the board. I live in Round Rock, ride a 2010 YELLOW Wing and pull a Tailwind Trailer. Unfortunately, for the Wing, I like to EAT also.

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          WELCOME to the forum. Be safe and enjoy the ride. Larry

          IBA #57814
          SaddleSore 1075 Miles in 24 hours (certified)
          BunBurner 1632 Miles in 36 hours (certified)
          Prowler #81
          Double Darksider # 792
          Alaska 2012 / 2014

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