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  • Howdy!

    Just wanted to drop in and say Howdy! I signed on with this outfit yesterday. Thanks for having me.
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    Howdy back.
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    • BugCollector
      BugCollector commented
      Editing a comment
      Howdy is guess is the correct greeting for this group.
      I have been on the Goldwing for 3 years now and it has been great. Love the bike.
      Most of my riding has been east of IH 35 simply because it is closer. Not a lot of curvy roads over here.
      I need some practice in the twistys, but the sisters may be beyond my skill level (or I imagine they are). I would like to find some roads to gain experience on that are within a couple of hours of Bastrop.

      Any ideas?


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    Bug Collector, speaking of east Texas that would be a good place to get some practice in on some really nice twisty roads. Go east on I-20 from Dallas to Canton or Tyler then get your map book out head south and east from there. Plenty of good twisty roads to take your choice of. Enjoy the ride!
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      He Bug Collector! The Sisters are not that bad. Just don't feel that you have to keep up with the everyone else. Nothing needs to be proven.
      If you are ever down in my area (Bastrop/Austin), check in with me and if I'm around and free, I would be happy to take you out that way and introduce you to the Sisters.

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        BugCollector, I would agree with the jmohme's assessment of The Sisters; go and ride your own ride. I'd recommend either going alone, or find someone that's willing to let you take it easy. Also, keep in mind there are various different routes you can take to shorten the trip. My experience was that though there are some pretty intense portions, what made it difficult was that it's intense riding for almost the entire 100 mile loop. You can break that up, or you can just take it slow and make it an all day trip.

        BTW, jmohme appears to be in your same area - take him up on his offer and let him know you want a "learn the ropes" ride.
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