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    We have some good riding here in middle tenn.Also like the eastern part of the state.

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    Yes you do, middle and east both beat west hands down for good roads and I'm smack dab in the middle of west TN lol but we make the best we can

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      Gonna be heading to Nashville this weekend. Plan to ride to Dover, Erin, LBL, Cadiz and back to Dover on a route suggested by someone on the other board. The highlight is supposed to be TN 232, the Little Dragon.

      Have y'all been on any of these roads? They look like fun.

      Ride safely.


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        Hi robeth, rode 232 back in June. Its a good road with elevation changes and twisties at least for our area. Just under 14 mi and 20 minutes will get you from Hwy 79 on the north end to Hwy 147 at the south end. If you have time take a left at 147 and go .7 miles to Southernaire Motel and Restaurant at 50 Overlook Ln, Stewart, TN 37175. We didn't get a chance to eat there but several others have told us its good.

        If its not eating time and you like catfish head east on 147 through Stewart and Tennessee Ridge and take a right on Hwy 49 at Erin. Follow 49 through Charolette for a total of 60 miles and hang right on Old River Road just before you cross the Cumberland River and you will find yourself at Riverview Restaurant & Marina, 110 Old River Road, Ashland City, TN. We've eaten there twice and both times it was super. All in door dining has large picture windows with the river right outside and they have a huge covered deck for outside dining.

        Also note Hwy 49 north out of Erin takes you back to Dover and then up through LBL again.

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          I was looking at taking 232 down to where it intersects 147 then taking a right on 147 to the Danville ferry and take Danville rd. to Big Sandy. Is anyone familiar with Danville rd. 1772. Or should i stay go straight through intersection on 574 to 13. Any thoughts on these roads.

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