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  • feeling lonely

    Only one from ND on forum so far..

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    Hello from Watford City!

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      Howdy from Texas
      STURGIS 1993,

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        Welcome from Tucson.
        2007 GL1800 level1
        2015 Hannigan Trike n 2009 Tailwind

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          The wife and i have been in your state with our Harley a time or two.
          Spent the night in Minot a few nights.
          2016 GL1800 Candy Prominence Red leval1-bought August 24th,2017

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            Thread was posted 8/24/14.

            OP's last activity here 12-15-2015

            ************************************************** *******
            You may not like the truth but that don't change it!

            When Life hands you a Curve - Lean into it!!.

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              I wonder if he is still feeling lonely.
              2016 GL1800 Candy Prominence Red leval1-bought August 24th,2017

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                I'm here in sunny and beautiful North Dakota! We rank right up there with Kansas and Nebraska as hot motorcycling destinations. In fact, ND ranks 7th among the states in motorcycles per capita. We just don't have a lot of per capita's to count and, trust me, that is a good thing! For the most part, ND gets a bad rap by touring riders...too flat,too windy, too cold, etc., but the truth lies somewhere in between. I have ridden in every ND county and enjoyed it a lot. The key to it is to get off of those interstates and slow down just a bit. Can you really expect to enjoy any state at 80 mph with only one or two gas stops to break the monotony? Oh, I know you all are in a big hurry to reach the Rockies but spending an hour or two more in places like ND will truly make your entire trip better. If anybody would like more info about our great state, don't hesitate to ask.

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                  North Dakota has nothing on Illinois for wonderful places to ride.
                  We have straight roads as far as the eye can see.
                  People with attitudes that don't give a rat's azz about motorcycles and the constant Westerly winds.
                  Ah yes, the wonderful constant side winds.
                  There is so much to see here I can't believe people are not moving here in droves.

                  Actually, all of the above is a blatant lie,except for the straight roads part.
                  In reality every state is better than this over taxed, thug infested state.🤣🤣

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                    Howdy from North west Tasmania.....and cwald thinks he is lonely...the number of people here with Goldwings can be counted on one hand.......but don't i feel special....
                    2014 Candy Prominence GL1800 Luxury, Aust version, 'cause that's where I live.

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                    North Dakota

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