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  • Massachusetts - once upon a time a great state

    Massachusetts - it's hard to believe this was the place where the shot that heard around the world was fired. I can't say that I'm proud to live here. Thankfully, the NH border is close to home, but it too, like MA, is losing sight of the fundamental principles that made this country great.

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    Jack, all you need to do is move South. I left RI almost 8 years ago and now I only visit when I need a seafood fix
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      It's the same way all over the Northeastern U.S. The NE is the birthplace of America and is the home of our Founding Fathers. This part of America, in large part, seems to have lost sight of what once made our Country great.

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        Originally posted by Fred in GA View Post
        Jack, all you need to do is move South. I left RI almost 8 years ago and now I only visit when I need a seafood fix
        Too many family connections here, but if things keep going the way they are, I may have to lead them all out.

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        • ckslack
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          I see the post date is sept 2014…. and 4 years later I have this same opinion and have for the past 10. My youngest is 2 years left in college and then I am outta here. Came up from Dallas in 87 for a 1 year contract.... met a girl and here I am in the land of taxes and more taxes...… hope to run into you guys at some point on a ride... I rest my head in Westford.

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        I've live'd in Springfield, Massachusetts all my life (70 years old)... Where else can I go?? Anybody else live near Spfld???


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        • Rocky
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          You said you were moving the Syphilishills FLA.
          To move in with your life partner Greg.

          You said you bought a White Scion XB to follow him around like Honda did.

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        Ronnie this is CAWing from the other've voiced many times on the other board how unhappy you are where you live. Chit or get off the pot. 70 is still young and as I recall nothing is holding you there so move while you still can or continue to live there but Stop Complaining.
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