Hayseed Cafe in Webster, CLOSED!

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  • Hayseed Cafe in Webster, CLOSED!

    It is now closed, they had good peach cobbler. gonna miss it. this straight from the website:

    The Hayseed is now CLOSED temporally and probably permanently.
    The owner has gotten a belly-full of the crap that is
    associated with
    running a business in this country.

    We would have been closing next year anyway, once the
    Obama Care (Affordable Healthcare Act)
    would have been imposed on us.

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    Yes, I went there couple weeks ago and found them closed, that's too bad, but a sign of the times when the small business owner can't cut through all the foolish demands of 'the government'. Forced to go across the street for the southern cooking buffet.

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      I realize this an very late entry and I too frequented this place and never had a bad breakfast or service. However, the government isn't the reason he's closed. Much to my chagrin, he was violating over 30 codes relating to spoiled food, bugs, roaches, unsanitary conditions, chemicals, and various other assorted health code violations that were not very appetizing. Sad but true...

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        Damn, the food was always good, so where did you read this report? I ate the good food, didn't get sick or die.

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