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    NOTE: Simply passing along information that older posts may have referred others to in the past...

    So, for anyone that really wanted good, detailed info, the motorcycle forum that used to be part of enterprises has been off-line for quite some time.

    Now, I had an account there - and only sporadically used it. I'd go by there when it would be time to do some detailed research about places to go and roads to ride in the great state of California.

    The web page still exists...but a sobering reality hit that community not long ago:

    Bay Area Riders Forum (BARF) is another fantastic place for detailed local/regional information on motorcycling, as was.

    Just thought I'd pass along this information.
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    I also had an account there and it was a great site for exploring CA roads/trips. Like you (kwthom) it's been at least 2 yrs since I've logged in especially since moving out of CA. Really sorry to hear about Tim's stroke especially at the young age of 45. He worked very hard at making that site a success.
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      The premise is fantastic - find all the great roads in the Golden State (we know there's a LOT of them!) and write about why.

      Now, most aim right for the big-dog of the bunch, CA-1 north of Morrow Bay, for example, but there's so much more.

      My first - no kidding - motorcycle tour was along CA-1, starting around Santa Monica, with a brief detour through my old stomping grounds in Oxnard & Pt Hueneme.

      We dinked around the Bay Area for a day...mainly to be sure my wife was going to really be able to deal with a full week on the back of the bike. She did great, so we got as far as Arcata, then had to take CA-299 west and begin the journey toward home.

      On another trip, during a CA-1 road closure, we discovered Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd to the coast. Talk about a blast - you only learn about these things by communicating with locals. I got nearly all my info from that forum and a link there that took me to Big Sur Kate's blog. Absolutely top-notch information.

      I'm glad to see things are improving for Tim.
      Ken (IBA #50030) & Grace (IBA #62768)Tucson, AZ"Get busy living, or get busy dying." -Andy Dufresne, The Shawshank Redemption 1994ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕMy blog

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