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    I've seen a few different 1800 bikes lately. Usually on the US60 in early morning I see an older gentleman. Wears a half helmet, riding over in the middle or outside lanes, west bound. I dont ride the US60 often in the mornings: mon - fri ... 5:45am or so

    West bound on I-10 friday AM , i passed a 1800 that was in the HOV lane near the broadway curve. Rider was wearing shorts as I recall. 5:50am

    East bound on I-10 south of Broadway curve.. 1800 with headlights, brights & cowl lights on... exited around Ray road ....4:20pm

    I used to see a red 1800 on I-17 south bound at McDowell rd over pass. I had the yellow 1800 bike back then (2012 - 2013) . My work times were altered this summer, I ride in a little bit later now. Company Owners decided that a couple of us that were coming in early were up to nefarious things since they caught a long time employee stealing parts. Although that employee did not come in early, yet we were all punished by time changes. Less work performed now too. LOL
    2013 Red Airbag 1800

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    I ride on the 60 westbound from the 202 to the 101N around 5:30. arrive in Scottsdale for my Day job around 6:15AM.
    return trip is normally down the 101 from Scottsdale around 345PM and then the 202 to Elliot.

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      I don't get up that early in the morning....and I don't routinely ride around town. I ride through town to get out of town for a MC ride...

      I would get up early for a fun group ride of sporty GW riders...
      2006 Titanium Level 3 'Wing with a few 'farkles. From Mesa, Az.
      My avatar is me from a recent summer ride in the Phoenix Az area:"Its a dry heat"

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        I could have been the guy in shorts! I refer to them as my AZ leathers.

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