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  • Death Valley 2019 - AZ Riders

    The main DV thread is here, with some of the typical banter prior to this ride - in just over two months!

    So, I took off and did the 'long' way to Beatty last year. It was fun - I needed to 'stretch my legs' a bit before the fun & frivolity happened.

    I was sick & weather was crappy in 2017, so I was a no-show. Gonna go back to the tried-and-true direct routing for Friday the 15th of February.

    For the previous ride participants in AZ, I'm presuming our departure timing will be the same as it has been:

    ~0915 KSU from the Mobil at Vulture Mine Rd & US-93

    Shortly after 0800 passing through the US-60/Loop 303 interchange. I don't plan on waiting for anyone there; it's just about the time I get there...that is, if I'm actually taking I-10.

    I'll be departing the vicinity of I-10 exit 250/exit 246 at ~0600. At this point, I believe I'm the only one from Pima Co leaving on Friday morning.

    Tentative route - for discussion purposes only:

    = Did NOT route direct thru I-515/US95/I-15 junction (a.k.a. the spaghetti bowl)...road construction thru the area sucked when I went thru in August. I'm just going to avoid it & take the beltway...unless Mattbcnv gives us improved intel on the area in a few weeks.

    = Route includes a Costco stop (hey, I have a card!), but also included the Mobil next to a McD's on Durango - not the traditional stop off of Ann Rd.

    = Either stop on the north end of the Vegas metro area gets 'cheap' gas one final time for the weekend. Yes, some could make it from Kingman to Beatty, the GL1833 guys might not. There's gas at the Amargosa Junction, but for the nOObies, that's all there is from Vegas to Beatty.

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    Something discussed is this alternative routing...

    biglefti and I are considering this short diversion on the way up to the Kingdom of Nye ...

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    • kwthom
      kwthom commented
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      This adds about an hour to the ride to Beatty, adjust times accordingly. I'll post a more detailed timeline about a week before go-time.

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    More than once, we've had riders magically show up at the Mobil station who may not have participated in any of the discussion we've had about this ride... Strange, I know.

    So, right now, two weeks before "go!" time, the routing in post #2 of this thread is still on. link reposted here for reference

    For any else for that matter reading along, I post this as a rough guideline of *my* times. If you're wanting someone else to ride along with, biglefti and I have done this enough times that we could probably do this with our eyes closed. In fact, there was this one time, I swear Lanny was napping along that short stretch of I-40. Hehehe...

    If there are those that want to head out *later* than the times here, by all means feel free to do so.

    Another wrinkle is the diversion a few of us will be doing as described will take an hour or so to do. I'm sure there may be a bit of spirited riding attempted. The *only* thing that would keep *me* from the diversion is knowing there was the possibility of snow/ice/slicker-than-snot roads up that way.

    If you're not wanting to partake of this diversion, there's no need to do so, and we'll catch up with the crowd along the way, I'm sure.

    I'll post on Tuesday the 12th with my final plans, along with a Spotwalla link.

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    • kwthom
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      Soooooo...there still seem to be a few sweating bullets on this.

      The 'drop dead' date to keep the 6 from hanging onto a night of lodging, I think, would be noon local time on the 14th (Thurs).

      There's some entertaining professional weather discussions about the weather that *will* hit the region on Wed & Thurs.

      It should make for some photogenic conditions.

      This was 2014 version of crappy weather:

      I wasn't there in 2017, so I have no photos from that time.

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    Should be an entertaining & wet ride tomorrow - and it might also be that way on Friday for at least part of the journey.

    biglefti That planned route diversion...I'm thinking that may need to be a game-time decision.

    The storm that'll be blowing thru Thurs/Fri was really forecast - up until last night - clear of central AZ by mid-morning Friday.

    That may not be the case. I'll need to read the afternoon/evening weather details (the pro's call it the forecast discussion...) today to get a better handle on why they're thinking it's gonna drag it's feet a bit thru here.

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      Don't fret crying clouds.

      You'll get blow dried passing through Vegas.

      Look on the bright side. People pay good money for Thrill rides,you'll be getting for Free.

      Be safe!!!
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      You may not like the truth but that don't change it!

      When Life hands you a Curve - Lean into it!!.

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      • kwthom
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        It's the WX much closer. We were planning a diversion route (see post #2 & #3) heading up that way. It may still be slick/wet, so to do a bit of twisty-road riding in the wet? Maybe...maybe not. As mentioned, game-time decision.

        Oh, no, I'm in on this weekend 100%.

      • kwthom
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        Flood watches have been posted for some of the area we'd be riding through on the diversion, thru Friday morning. If they're getting the rain that's being forecast, those watches could turn into warnings.

        Still a game-time decision.

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      No problem Ken, are we meeting at the 303 and 60? What time would you expect to meet there?

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      • kwthom
        kwthom commented
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        I have your phone number...I can call. How long does it take for you to get from wherever to that intersection? If I called just before getting onto 303 from I-10, would that be enough time (~8 - 10 minutes?)

      • biglefti
        biglefti commented
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        That would be perfect!

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      In about 24 hours from now, I'll be on the way. I may *not* remember to post this before I depart, so I'll post it now:

      It'll go active ~0600 MST

      I'm not certain how many will be tagging along from AZ - three? four? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Oh, yeah - a little running commentary on the blog as well...something will go live Friday late morning.

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        You guys have a fun & safe trip and I'm definitely looking forward to the pictures especially the snow capped Sierras
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        • kwthom
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          They seem to be getting pretty well beaten right now...will be fun to be able to check it out!

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        Well, that was fun!

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