Escapade Trailing Arm / Swing Arm Spindle Breaking

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  • Escapade Trailing Arm / Swing Arm Spindle Breaking

    I replied to another member about his swing arm spindle breaking causing the loss of his wheel when ridding, but thought this topic was worth a new thread for discussion. Although this has happened to a very low number of Escapade trailer owners, by percentage on the road, according to CSC, I’d like to ask if other members have had an issue with this. CSC upgraded the spindle and frame on newer trailers (not sure when) to address this problem. Here is my post to the other member:

    About your swing arm spindle breaking ..... I had read about this happening to other Escapade trailer owners, so when I was repacking the wheel bearings on my newly purchased 2004 Escapade, I decided to check and repack the swing arm bearings, even though the manual says they are do not require service “for the life of the trailer”. The right side trailing arm/swing arm bearings and spindle were rusty due to water damage. Part of the seal on the back side of the swing arm appeared folded in when the swing arm was installed on the spindle, allowing water to get to the bearings and spindle. You would have to check this using a mirror to avoid this mistake, it’s very difficult to see. I would strongly suggest all Escapade trailer owners check these bearings!!!

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    Hold it right there!! (Joe Jones-aka kentuckyrider/Gravedigger/etc etc- chases ghosts) nuf said!!

    What Joe did to the Ford Pick up shocks, is what caused his frame to Break. )

    I wouldn't use his disaster as a guide for toilet repair, never mind trailer shock suggestions!!.

    Ask yourself.
    "Why" would he pull ALL his modification pictures?".
    And all 3 You Tube video of his modifications??.
    Google "A Solution to the Escapade Leaky Air Shock Problem"
    Can't post that board link here.

    Because he knew he screwed the pooch, and just might get someone hurt or worse,
    if they copied his Disastrous Truck shock idea that ended in disaster on his maiden voyage!

    And or maybe,because of what he told CSC about the frame damage "He Caused"

    Notice the square tube he welded on the truck shocks (What do you think happens to shocks internally when you weld crap onto them)
    Bottom picture.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_9097.jpg Views:	0 Size:	64.6 KB ID:	133855Click image for larger version  Name:	Joe Jones 2.JPG Views:	0 Size:	48.9 KB ID:	133856

    When I buy a used trailer. The first order of business. "Is to inspect the Stub axles and Bearings".
    So I have a starting point for my own service records.

    I have no idea if the previous owner lied to me about maintaining the bearings and or seals?.

    I don't trust anyone but myself.
    especially when I have seen trailer's with everything in them but the kitchen sink.

    The fact of the matter is "People are just flat out Lazy"

    Never blame the manufacture, when you are the one who overloaded the trailer!

    Just because it fits - doesn't mean its not overloaded.

    It is "Your Responsibility to Check your Bike and Trailer" before you leave for any trip!!

    **You may not like the Truth-But that doesn't change it!**

    "Life is Tough-It's tougher when you are stupid"

    The Devil whispered "I'm coming for you"!
    I whispered back "Bring Beer"

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