How often do you pull your trailer?

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  • How often do you pull your trailer?

    I bought my first trailer new from Tom Finch in late 2006. Since then there have been very few times that I have not had the trailer with me.
    I have logged somewhere in the neighborhood of 250,000 miles on my Goldwing/Tailwind combo.

    Once or twice a year
    Almost always

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    I pull my Bushtec whenever we take a multi-day trip, usually twice a year. I also use it to take new tires to the dealer for installation. I plan on pulling it to Amarillo in a couple of weeks so I can bring back a new computer!
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      I pull mine when my wife goes to haul all her crap.

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        I pull mine often Even took it to Ride For Kids so I could have my big cooler and comfy chairs. I will hook up to take the GW grocery shopping. This gets a few looks.
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          I pull my CM-2000 most anytime I'm going for more than an overnight. I can't help it. Years of hoping for the best but planning for the worst have left me taking both good and bad weather clothing anytime I travel.
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            Weekend get-a-ways. Vacations. And most every Friday to work (weather permitting), to bring home the groceries after work.

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              Wahoo!!! Finally found the join button. We trailer on overnighters and even on day trips when we know we are going to shed our ATGATT and spend time exploring our destination. Allows plenty of space for the gear of others as well. Also nice to have beverages on ice vs. paying outrageous inconvenience store prices.

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                We bought our trailer back in the early 80's. We went all over with it, a simple black cyclemate. Allways regreted selling after the kids came along, but that was that. I bought a used one last year and having fun again.

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                  Amazingly I never thought I'd pull my tag-along as often as I do but every week-end I ride to my girlfriend's farm and never know what we'll be doing or what the honey-do list will contain so Instead of the truck I ride and pull it loaded for whatever. It has probably 17k on it in the last 2 years and has been to AZ twice, Nellis AFB, Las Vegas once (paid TDY... yea babay!) and a few trips through Idaho camping. It held up well until the bottom shell fractured and now I'm fighting with HF to buy a replacement part (3 months and still no joy). Now I travel long distance with my Time-Out.
                  Tom, in Mountain Home, Idaho
                  2002 GL1800 (Illusion Red) Non-ABS, 110k miles
                  Retired Air Force "Audentes Fortuna Juvat"

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                    Originally posted by Rick S View Post
                    I pull mine when my wife goes to haul all her crap.
                    Loving it! My guess is she doesn't read your posts either, or there'd be more crap to contend with. LOL
                    Tom, in Mountain Home, Idaho
                    2002 GL1800 (Illusion Red) Non-ABS, 110k miles
                    Retired Air Force "Audentes Fortuna Juvat"

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                      Usually 2-3 times on long rides. Then whenever I have to haul something I can't strap on back seat. Annually for Scottish Rite USC meeting so my suits and robes stay nice. I own a Bushtec Turbo 2. Owned a turbo before that. Longest ride (took my camping gear, tools, cold weather gear, leathers, spare gas, and equipment to do oil changes and store used oil till I could get to a recycler) from Washington, DC to Fairbanksand Anchorage and back.. great ride! Do it again in a NYminute.

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                        I guess I pull the trailer more than I realize. Yes, it is automatic to have it tag along whenever my wife accompanies me but that’s ok because it makes life easier for both of us. The trailer also sees use as a workhorse around our farm. You would be amazed what I have hauled in the MC trailer. A 36’ combine sickle? Yup! (It came in three 12’ sections.) A 150 pound axle assembly from 300 miles away? No problem. 👍

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                          I use the trailer for running food shopping errands,and any overnight trip.

                          Why drag dead weight around if I don't have too?.

                          More importantly. It makes lane splitting a little dicier,but still do-able!!

                          I also take my MIL for a ride when she bugs me.

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