Cadac Safari Chef Grill - Nice eBay Score (I THINK)

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  • Cadac Safari Chef Grill - Nice eBay Score (I THINK)

    My apologies to those of you on the board, this is a repeat from there.

    I found this on eBay at $68 w/free shipping. It had never been used (still in the plastic wrappers), but appears to be a slightly older model (newer models have a bigger heat control knob)
    • For those of you not familiar with these, here's a little information. It's a 12 inch propane grill that has 5 different capabilities
    • Stove BBQ style (kinda) grill
    • Ribbed griddle (flips and becomes)
    • Flat griddle
    • The lid can be flipped and used as a cookpan or wok

    Put together in the case, it's a little over 12" tall x 12" wide x about 10" deep, and weighs a little less than 9 lbs.

    Just for grins I took the chicken tenders that my wife was about to cook, and put them on the open BBQ style grill. The open grill is blocked from the flame by a drip pan to prevent flair ups, so it's not really like a true BBQ, but it did a pretty remarkable job for something so small. In about 15 minutes, the 6 chicken tenders were seasoned, grilled, and we were munching down on them.

    Set up took just a couple minutes. You basically pop out the three legs (they're permanently attached, and just swing out), and stack on the pieces you want to use.

    I occasionally go camping without my wife, and leave the Timeout trailer at home; and figured this would be a good piece to carry. A little large, but self contained, no pots and pans needed, and easy to use. However; after trying it out, I believe we're going to carry it along on the Timeout as well, as something to use (instead of the Coleman stove) for a quick grill if we don't want to mess with a fire. I'm looking forward to bringing this along on the next Stuffed Turkey run.

    Brand new, they retail for $99 to $119, depending on where you buy them.

    I'd like to hear from those of you that have had experience with these, good or bad..

    (interesting, I can't upload photos here, I keep getting a message that they're corrupted, even tried using the photos from the Motocampers page, and the message is that they're corrupted.)

    Since I can't seem to upload my pictures, here's the link to the product on Amazon:

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    I just saw this thread. That is a clever little piece of equipment. I have been looking at the little Jetboil cookers also but they are limited yet very small.
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      We used it this weekend, and it came in pretty handy, but it was not the most optimal conditions. I've heard that propane stoves don't do very well in strong winds, and the design of this one probably makes it even worse.

      The wind was really blowing our first night. I set it all up to grill shrimp on the solid ribbed surface. It barely got warm. I finally used the lid as wok, and cooked them directly on the fire, and they cooked up.

      The next night, I grilled hamburgers, again using the ribbed surface. The first round cooked up pretty well (I cooked three very large patties at once), but the second round was taking too long, as the wind had picked up. I tried the open grill surface, and it was still taking too long. I finally got them cooked by removing the secondary "spaltter guard" letting more heat get to the patties, and they finished nicely.

      Both mornings, I used the grill to make scrambled eggs, using a pan right on the fire, and there was no problem at all with that.

      Now that I look at the newer units though, I see that mine (an older model) has many more openings in ring that holds the spatter guards, the newer model looks like it's a solid ring instead of an open ring. I suspect mine is letting in much more wind than the newer models would.

      I still plan on taking this with us on trips. I believe once I get the hang of it, I'll be able to do pretty well with it.
      2012 Honda Goldwing | 2009 Timeout Camper

      Patriot Guard Rider since 2007 | IBA member #59823

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        Very nice small grill...Would fit nice in my trailer

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          We take our RV when we are covering multi day horse shows and the wife has been hinting that she wanted a small grill to take along. This looks like it would fit the bill nicely!
          I kind of fall outside the standard mold and when traveling solo, would never use it, but Suzy would so I may just get one of them.

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