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  • Screen zipper broken ...quick fix

    My Kwik Kamp screen zipper broke and it's missing several teeth. It won't zip down, but the bottom zippers are working ok. I went to Menard's and spent $4.99 on one of those magnetic door screens that have been advertised on TV. I installed it on the front of the Kwik Kamp's screen and it works great. So if you have a broken zipper screen door on your camper try the Magnetic door screen for a fix until you can have it professionally mended.

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    Excellent idea, without the expense of omar the tent maker

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      ok mine is also broke. Is it very hard to take it apart to fix the zipper??

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        Great idea, our canvas zipper broke and I put in snaps

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          I just bought an older model Time-Out for a song and dance but the screen itself is so old its become fragile. I have a sewing machine to handle the job but need to find the screen material. Certainly nothing I'll find at the hardware store, that stuff is junk. Fortunately I can remote the canvas easilly enough to bring it inside this winter when ranch work is at a minimum and riding opportunities dwindle. I plan to re-skin it and also clean up and powder coat the support frame (not rusty but some kind of rough rust like build up on a couple that will rub the canvas. magnetic closure is a nice idea but the commercial product is very light screening, they do close nicely though.
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