I hope traffic picks up on here.

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  • I hope traffic picks up on here.

    I know it's wintertime in most places so It looks like us campers would have more keyboard time. Since my self imposed exile from another motocamper site. I have been back here several times and nothing is new. Anybody want to talk about trips they are planning when the weather thaws out? I for one am headed to the open spaces in the west. Leaving Apr.6 for the Big Bend and beyond.

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    Hey Cap'n Bob,
    We've never met but I see we're both signed up for the Cherohala Chill Out. (I'm TNtraveler over there)
    We'll meet up there for sure. I'll be in the Orange GW with the Mini-Mate camper. None of that 'on-the-ground' stuff for me.

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      I don't think I can make that campout anymore since my exile is official now. You are right about that on the ground stuff. I pull a Mini Mate also. Great little cabin on wheels.

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        I finally figured out how to put this in my favorites so I should be here more often. Looking forward to two wheel camping including Sturgis.

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