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  • MSS - Modular Sleep System, $50 Each

    I have a campout coming up next month that might involve colder weather, and have been looking at the Modular Sleep Systems used in the military. For those of you not familiar with them, this is a four piece set that includes a light-weight sleeping bag (35 degrees +), a heavier bag (5-35 degrees), an external "bivy" cover that is water/wind resistant, and a stuff bag to hold them all. The heavy bag fits inside the light bag and then both (or just one of them, if you prefer) can go inside the bivy bag to keep out the wind and rain. Basically a layered sleeping bag system.

    I've found a source that has 7 of them that are lightly used, but in very good shape for $50 each. I'm going to get down there either this weekend or next to pick one up, and if anyone else is interested in buying, shoot me a PM and we'll work something out to get one to you.

    These are not lightweight bags, but at that price, I think they would be perfect for winter camping on the bike. These sell for about $200 new, and normally about $100-$120 for lightly used (military surplus).

    Here's a video that shows them in action (minus the stuff sack)

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    Do you know how small it packs down to.
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    • misterk
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      with all the layers, it is not small. i rarely take all 4 layers, but when it is cold I do. It is about a 1' tall and 2.5' wide cylinder. i carry it on my back seat or pak it rak and put it in a weather proof bag.

    • hparsons
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      This video shows a guy packing it down pretty small, looks like about 18 inches x 10 inches.

      However, I've read several reviews that say not to store it compressed down tight.

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    They pack down to about the 10 by 18 inches as posted, I have winter camped with them and they will keep you warm. they also fit nice on the backseat of the Wing.
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      Update - I've made arrangements to get all 7 of these from the seller. I will pick them up either this weekend or next; however, I also posted this on the forum, and immediately got 4 of them claimed. That, along with the one for me, leaves only two. If anyone is interested, they should PM me soon.

      Updated Update - These are now all spoken for. The motocamper folks asked for all of them, and then some.
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