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  • Originally posted by kwthom View Post
    Looking forward to comparisons between then and now...
    Other than I'm 17 years older? Lol!

    In 2002, my bike was a GL1200 which was more than capable of making the trip. The only mods on the bike were a Russell saddle and a cup holder. I carried a cell phone for most of the trip but it was only good around populated areas and basically all it did was make calls. I lost the phone near the Four Corners area....a traumatic experience. Oh, and my guidance was a well-worn Rand McNally and hand-written notes that I duct taped on the gas tank every morning. My entire approach was low tech, simple, dependable and mostly idiot proof. Mostly.

    Bike wise, there really is not much difference between the old 1200 and my current GL1800 in terms of comfort, range or dependability.

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    • To further expound upon the differences between then and now. In 2002, I was a neophyte IBA rider having only one approved SS1000 prior to the 48/10 attempt. My multi-day rides prior to that certainly did not involve the IBA intensity or documentation requirements. In other words, the first 48/10 presented a very steep learning curve.

      Now, possessing the knowledge from numerous IBA rides since 2002, I know the complexities and challenges of a 48/10. There is no substitute for experience. I also know my limitations better than ever before so I no longer ride with a chip on my shoulder. There is nothing left to prove. This one is strictly for fun!

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      • kwthom
        kwthom commented
        Editing a comment
        Expounding on these points in blog form will be a fun read, I think.

        You and a lot of other folks were very generous with information, as I planned my 48 state ride last year. Since your initial 48 state ride, many improvements have been derived in rally riding that has transitioned into certification riding.

    • Your 'strictly for fun' sentiment...interesting perspective.

      I *think* I would attack the 50CC the same way given another shot at doing it.

      As my first "more than a day" cert ride, it was all a function of time management. I mean, you read stories and such about that, but until you're actually doing it, it's just words on a screen.

      When I got to Florida...yeah, I was tired and relieved that "I did it!". It was then that I had to make the decision "BBG or no?". In hindsight...might not have been a stellar decision, even though I did pull it off on my first shot at one.

      The 'buzz' I got from completing the 48 state ride...I mean...a second shot at it? Oh, there's just *so* many little things that I *think* I'd get better at doing. Experience is *such* a vital tool in the toolbox, isn't it?

      Yet, some of those "off the charts" decisions (like the one I did in Alabama to press on in the middle of that thunderstorm...) were made based on a lot of experience - and maybe, just maybe, a little luck.

      Nothing planned yet for 2019...but ya never know.

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      • Hate to point to another (non-competing) forum, but for those that may have noticed a recent map change to Spotwalla maps, here's the response from Jason:


        There's a bit of functionality that needs to be fixed up as well; a work-around is provided in that response.

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        • So, so sorry, but the Iron Butt Rally is ongoing.

          A LOT of traffic in other places; I'm not regurgitating it - it's all available here while the show is going on: ibr.wvi.com

          Marriott in Greenville, South Carolina yesterday.

          Ride will go to Hilton Garden Inn, Kennewick, Washington, Thursday (June 20) and again Sunday (Jun 23)

          Ride will again finish in Greenville, South Carolina at the same Marriott on Friday, June 28

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          • Fun to watch, just wish I knew where they were going - they're covering a lot of the same territory I just went through - Walsenberg, Amarosa, Salida, etc.
            '03 GL1800A | Porsche 968 | Ford F-150 | Skidoo GSX (2) | Seadoo GTI (2) | Suzuki ATV (2)
            A.A.O.N.M.S. | NRA Endowment | Gun Owners of America | Oath Keepers

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            • Several years ago, I purchased the shirt that Bill Thweatt (IBA# 207) created some time ago with this logo. He also made a fairly large vinyl 'decal' than many in the community have put on their bikes.

              Recently, in an alternate universe (a.k.a. another forum), someone had asked about this, so me & a couple of other IBA slackers provided this individual with contact information.

              When I went to search for the contact info (I had an email address and wasn't about to provide that via a public forum...), I did find his public FB page - along with the graphic.

              Well, today, my wife and I were stuck awaiting a piece of mail that required a signature. To kill a bit of time, I managed to clean up the image good enough for my wife to do this with her fancy, dancy, Cricut® cutting machine.

              There's a real nice spot on the back of the 'Wing that a 4" version of this would fit nicely. Rather than shark, brilliant white, for a first iteration, I went with a medium gray:

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