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  • Speedo Malfunction '87 Aspencade

    I'm posting this to publicly thank my friend Rocky.

    On a ride last weekend the digital speedo on my wife's '87 Aspencade stopped working. I made a call to Rocky to get an idea of where to start looking for the cause. He immediately directed me to look at the speedometer gearbox on the front wheel. He said this is a known weak spot on the GL1200s. Sure enough that was definitely the culprit. It has a plastic gear inside the gearbox that had stripped. Rocky saved me a lot of time in troubleshooting this problem.

    Thank you Rocky!!

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    I just wanted to update this thread.

    Today I reassembled the front wheel and installed the new speedo gearbox. I installed the front wheel and brake calipers. While I was in the maintenance mood I changed the oil/filter and added Seafoam to the tank in preparation for the long winter sleep.

    After a test ride I parked the bike, put on the cover and plugged in the battery tender. Nitey nite.

    BTW - The speedometer now works just fine. Thanks again Rocky.

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      Whew! For a minute there I thought you were talking about your Speedo trunks malfunctioning while you were out riding your '87 Aspy.

      Way to go Rocky.
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        Richard, It took me a second to figure out what you were talking about. You're talking about a "Banana Hammock" or in Australia, they are called a "Budgie Smuggler". Lol!!

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