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  • Double Darksiders: Choice in Sizes

    I already have my CT ready to be installed as soon as I decide on a tire to put up front. I also want to try a Rear tire up front. Seems everyone is using a Bridgestone B45 in a stock size of 130/70-18 available in both H & V Speed rating. I wanted to ask if anyone has tried a B45 in a 130/80-18 which is almost exactly 1 inch taller over all and about .1 tenth wider, however it's weight limit capacity jumps up 61lbs. Somethng to think about.

    Also available is the BT54 in a 140/70R-18 Radial which is 1/2" wider and .6 inch taller. Now looking at my front fender, adding .3 inch wider and a 1/4" to the height looks very possible, but before going out and buying a bigger tire I wanted to ask the members of this forum first to see if anyone has taken the plunge on a larger size Rear tire to be put on the front of their bike.

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    I installed my CT today and my Rear Tire on the Front. My choices were the Yokohama AVID Ascend in a 195/60R-16 (fits perfect, rides really smooth, quiet and handles very well). My choice for the Rear Tire mounted on the front is the Bridgestone BT45 130-80/18 in the 66V rating. Does it fit? Yes How is the clearance? What's clearance? Actually it is a full inch taller than the 130-70/18 and 3/8th of an inch wider after mounted and inflated, so the clearance is tight, very tight, but it fits, no rubbing after the nubs wear off. I picked it because of its additional speed rating and it additional maximum weight load capability. The combination of the two tires ride and handle very good. I had a 205-50/17R on my Yamaha FJR, it was much wider but still took the corners as fast as I wanted to go. But as I leaned I could feel the tire lift. The 195 on my F6B does not lift at all. I started out running 30 psi. Will adjust as necessary. So far, all is perfectly well.

    So I guess I am now a Double Darksider now also and loving it!

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      Good luck with your choices. I've no interest in going DD, but I would be curious about how that closeness on the front ("so the clearance is tight, very tight, but it fits, no rubbing after the nubs wear off") does over the course of actual riding. Hope it works out.
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        Well, actually I took it out on the highway today, up to about 75mph & no sounds or smells. The bike actually turns easier with less effort and ride a lot smoother. The very front tip has about 1/8" clearance, but beyond that, I think it is about a 1/4". I am running 41psi in the front, which is the same I always run on my FJR and 30psi in the CT. My friend run 28psi on his CT on his FJR, but since the F6B is much heavier, I started with 30, will adjust as needed.
        Worst case, should the tire ever grab the fender, being plastic, no way will is bind or stop the rotation. But since it moves with the suspension, it should be OK. We'll see over time. It looks really sharp. I am waiting for one part, then I will post pics of my entire bike. I think its a really sharp looking F6B.

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          I wanted to add, I took enough time balancing my tires, I don't feel any vibration what so ever. And I mounted my Rear tire facing forward on the front, when I hit a downpour, I prefer my tire throwing water away from the tire, Not underneath it. I noticed the BT45 has no directional arrows and the bike has no way of knowing so long as the tire is round.

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            I just bought a used but pristine 2003 Goldwing with 26k miles on it. I ran a car tire on the last two and plan to do so on this one. Does anyone make a car tire that has a curved shape on the tread area, or all of them flat? I think I know the answer to this question, wouldn't be a car tire, right. As many of you know when you stop on slanted pavement you can feel the bike trying to tip in the direction of the downward slope.

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              Originally posted by MickUpi View Post
              Does anyone make a car tire that has a curved shape on the tread area, .
              Yes, but trying to find radial run flat tires for a 63 VW Bettle are a real Bit* H these days.

              Click image for larger version

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                I haven't found anything with a round tread area, but the Pirelli P1 RF has reasonably rounded shoulders that make it handle a bit better.

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                  Double Darksiders: Choice in Sizes

                  Back to the original question.

                  I have tried 3 different brands of Rear Biased ply tire on the front of my own bike.

                  This was before I installed My "Rocky Tree" and Progressive Mono Tubes. "PMT's"

                  What I found for the way I ride.
                  The Thicker rear tire blocks move around to much for hard riding in the twisty's on such a heavy bike as the GL1800.

                  The end result on my bike was. They wore very badly.
                  The Bridgestone Battlax BT45 cupped so bad in 3,000 miles I took it off because of how it felt.
                  The Avon Roadrider feathered on the edges real bad.
                  The Pirelli Sport Demon. Wear was a combination of the Stone/Avon.

                  That said. For a sedate rider.
                  Any of the above tire would work well. (inch wide chicken stripe riders)

                  I'm thinking I may revisit the Avon, now that have Great suspension under me?

                  Stone BT45.
                  Before and after my abuse.

                  Avon Roadrider.

                  Pirelli Sport Demon.

                  To me the funny part to finding my pictures was the time stamp. (2008)

                  Going to have to rethink my question of retrying these Biased up front again.
                  If I could do that damage with lousy suspension.

                  Here is how my 709's wear when I pull them off. (Nice n even with great suspension)

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                  Maker of the 01-17 GL1800
                  "Rocky Tree & Comfort Risers".
                  Current bikes.
                  1981 CB900C 10 speed (Restored)
                  1986 GL1200 SEi
                  2004 GL1800

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                    I was DD with my 2010 wing loved it got great wear milage out of my tires used a BT 45 on the front with a run flat car tire on the rear was the only way to go back then. Haven't thought about a car tire for my new ride yet. ???
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