Looking Into The Future of The Darkside and Run Flat Technology

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  • Looking Into The Future of The Darkside and Run Flat Technology


    Innovation of the week: The tire that can't go flat
    The Week Staff | October 10, 2014 Flat tires may soon be a thing of the past, saidStephen Shankland at CNET. At the Paris Motor Show last week, Bridgestone unveiled a prototype of its Air Free tire, which replaces conventional tires' cushion of air with "an array of shock-absorbing resin bands that resemble thick, angled spokes." The outside of the tire, which is completely recyclable, is lined with a replaceable tread made of a thin band of solid rubber. Bridgestone says the current prototype is still "too stiff," which is bad for steering, but it hopes to resolve that issue in testing.

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    Many things to ponder on that tire. What will its relative weight be? Will it require a special wheel, thereby impeding adoption? Will cost be inline with traditional tires? Will shops, similar to Recap shops, make a comeback? Thanks for posting.
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      I have seen a few attempts at interesting tires. I am not a fan. There is much more to a tire than having a flat. With run flat tech being really good and the drastic change in appearance, this approach would seem to only have niche appeal.
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        This concept has been around for some time. I saw a Michelin version of this about 10 years ago, and there have also been similar tires in use in construction equipment for quite some time.

        As previously mentioned, weight and the fact that the tire and wheel appear to be molded together are going to be limiting factors in this designs acceptance.

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