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    Some of you may know, Flip had a rear flat during the DSRI. He was back on the road in no time but he broke my cheapie mini slime tire guage that came with the compressor and used my last black sticky rope plug. No big deal, I wasn't concerned about either one. I still had a spare guage and red rope plugs. I was just happy to assist him getting back on the road.

    Fast forward to today.

    When I opened the first package from Amazon. Amy said, I had a shocked look on my face holding the tire guage. It took a few seconds to realize it must have been Flip. When I opened the second box we both laughed looking at the 30pack of plugs.

    Flip, you didn't have to buy them but they are greatly appreciated. Thanks for the laugh too.

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    Some roadside pics.

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      Way to go Flip. Now if I am ever on the road with Ohiowinger and have a flat, I'll know where to get some plugs. Glad you both are ok.
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        Good Job just thinking about putting a kit together for my bike. nice jod
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          What brand tire was he running?

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            Originally posted by Biker John View Post
            What brand tire was he running?
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              Don he just wanted to make sure that you had enoughh for the next ride in
              Nice going flip always thinking

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