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  • CruiseControl
    started a topic Online Maintenance Log?

    Online Maintenance Log?

    Does this forum offer an online maintenance log or journal? For some reason, I thought it did, but now I can’t find it. If not, would there be an easy way to create one? With WingStuff and, of course,...
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  • Kev
    started a topic GL1800 Mirror Housing replacement

    GL1800 Mirror Housing replacement

    Would anyone have the pages from a service manual that shows the steps to remove the mirror housing on the wing?....mines a 2014...
    I haven't looked at the unit myself, so I do not know what is...
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  • Preparing For A Road Trip

    Preparing For A Road Trip

    The summer is prime time for a long, two-wheeled road trip. You want your trip to be safe and trouble-free. Here are a few tips that might help.

    Plan Ahead - I always start prepping my bike at least a week before the upcoming trip. Prepping for a long road trip is fun and builds anticipation for the upcoming journey.

    Bike Cover - When traveling it is a good idea to cover your bike when it is parked outside, or even if you park in a hotel garage. We use a half-cover when...
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  • Cruiseman
    started a topic Tips on buying a used Goldwing

    Tips on buying a used Goldwing

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