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  • FOBO Bike Bluetooth TPMS Review

    FOBO Bike Bluetooth TPMS Review

    There are a lot of choices in tire pressure monitoring systems. I have tried a couple myself, with mixed results. And quite frankly, if Honda had a decent TPMS built into the Goldwing, an aftermarket one would not be necessary. However, the Goldwing TPMS is inadequate, not displaying the actual pressure of each tire. As a result, many Goldwing (and other motorcycle) riders opt for an aftermarket solution.

    FOBO Bike Bluetooth TPMS

    The FOBO system is unique in that it is...
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  • DynaBeads Review

    DynaBeads Review

    Solving Front-End Wobble
    Can Dyna Beads Be The Solution?

    For the past seven years I have been reading about Goldwing riders experiencing the dreaded front-end wobble. I had personally never experienced this phenomenon until I purchased my 2012 Goldwing. My 2005 and 2007 were both "wobble-free" rides. That is the strangest thing about the "wobble"; some Wings have it, and some don't.
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