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  • Apple Car Play setup woes

    This has to have been covered before, but I can't find it with a search, so here goes. I've had my bike for four days and haven't been able to coax Car Play out yet. I've read the manual several times, followed it to a "T" and the closest I can get is the message that CP can't appear because no headset has been set up. Of course, my Sena headset is set up and works well for phone calls, showing the appropriate info on the screen. Last night I watched a YouTube video suggesting I unpair the headset from the phone, unpair the phone from the bike, and just leave the headset paired to the bike. That's the way I left it when I'd had enough for the day. I still have never had Car Play show up on my Home screen. Oh, I have also tried three different Lightning cables just to rule out that possibility. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    You have both the headset and iPhone paired to the bike right? Your post implies you may have paired the headset to the phone?

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      Originally posted by trewm View Post
      You have both the headset and iPhone paired to the bike right? Your post implies you may have paired the headset to the phone?
      OK, to be more specific, yes both the headset and iPhone are paired to the bike and the headset is not paired to the bike. Of course, the phone is also connected to the USB port of the bike.

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        I think I may have discovered the problem. I called Sena for help and they directed me to a recently posted YouTube video with instructions for the Car Play setup on the '18+ GW. In the video they talk about settings in their Sena Utilities app. I didn't know about the app, so I downloaded it and found that my Sena model, the SMH-10B, is not listed as being able to use the app. I guess technology has moved on to the point that mine won't work with the app and therefor with Car Play. So, I ordered the current model of Sena's headset, the 20S. It should be here by the end of the week. I'll post again with results at that time.

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          Sena 10 works with the 2018 Goldwing. You just need to pair the Sena headset with the Goldwing. Once it pairs with the Honda, car play works fine.

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        That was more then likely your problem it should work nice with new Sena unit good luck.
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          Sounds like you (hopefully) got the bottom of your problem. If it still doesn't work, give our guys a call 949.454.2199 or email and they'll help you out. They're available M-F from 8am-4pm (PST)

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            I may be too late to weigh in on this, but here goes with my experience. I have a Cardo Freecom1, iPhoneX with the ios version 12.2 (if I remember right). Now 12.3 as of last night.

            My procedure is as follows (after you've done the setup in the bike's Bluetooth settings to recognize your headset): Turn on the bike, turn on the headset, pair the headset to the bike, plug in the iPhone using the bike's USB cable. Works every time. Good luck.

            Update: Apple Car Play went haywire yesterday evening when I went for a ride. Got nothing but a kaleidoscope of colors. Knew it had something to do with the phone and not the bike cause the dashboard was fine. Someone on the board suggested rebooting the phone, in the meantime last night, I found and available software update and that fixed the problem. Just tried it. Maybe that will help with your issue?
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