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  • SALE, White or Amber LED Light Rings

    We just got a large shipment of White and Amber LED Light Rings. Since these are so popular we have been able to put together a very large order and receive a lower price which we are passing on to our customers.
    All of the new LED Rings now will not have the Resistor Box, there will be straight wire going from the Rings to the bike. This will help installation.

    If you want to add something that will stand out (be seen) and also look very cool this is it.
    We are also asked all the time which is the most popular, White or Amber. Answer, the White are just a slight bit more popular but not by much. We do have a lot of people that add the turn signal option when getting the Amber Rings.

    Price: $99.95
    Sale Price: $79.95
    You Save: $20.00 (20 %)

    White or Amber LED Light Rings, GL1800 Gold Wing 12+ / F6B (pr)
    MSRP: $104.95

    Add some functional flair to the front sides of your Gold Wing or F6B.
    LED Rings for both sides.
    The brightest LED Rings you will find for your GL1800 or F6B.
    Each Custom LED Ring is packed with 93 nano size LED’s
    . These are as bright as Daytime Running Lights.
    Mounted around the Gold Wing Logos with 3M installed Tape.

    Kit comes with LED Rings, Connectors, Instructions.
    These LED Ring’s may also be used for Running and Turn Signals by adding a Single to Dual Intensity Converter (sold separately).

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