New! GL1800 LED Fog light kit installation Video

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  • New! GL1800 LED Fog light kit installation Video

    We know you've wanted fog lights to match your GoldWing HID lighting for the longest time and we're happy to say that they are finally available. These are high definition LED Fog/Driving lamps for the 1800… If you have our GoldWingHIDs, this kit will match the lighting color temperature nicely. If you don't, you can add our GL1800 HID Kit with these lights and you'll have the ultimate lighting upgrade! These high performance LEDs will light up those ditches at night while still looking great on your bike and making you more visible during the day. In addition these lights will give you a nice clean factory look and are truly in a class of their own. They are designed to project a clean flat white cutoff beam using tiny High Performance LED Chips and because of the LED design, they barely draw any power from your bike while outputting some serious lighting. These are very bright and installs easily in the cowls. Best of all, they match our HID lighting perfectly!
    If you just have stock lighting, they’re still a fantastic addition.

    Checkout the installation video from Cruiseman’s Garage here,

    Fits: 2001 and up
    Includes all mounting Hardware
    Includes Factory style OEM switch
    which usually is over $35 at the Honda Dealer alone

    Product link:

    GL18FG Fog Lights Installed with GoldWingHIDs

    Click image for larger version

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    Be Safe, Bee Seen!

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    Just installed them - they are BRIGHT! Cruiseman's video was a HUGE help, as the written instructions are lacking, to say the least.
    They are plug and play in the truest sense of the word; I'm a happy customer :=]
    FTCS(SS) USN Ret.
    "06 GL1800 w/Motor Trike conv.
    GWRRA KY - G

    "I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: 'I served in the United States Navy.'"President John F. Kennedy

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      Just curious, are we really talking about "fog" lights or additional nighttime lighting. I have always been under that impression that fog lights were usually yellow to provide better illumination in fog and close to the vehicle as the fog causes you to go slower. I know sometimes on the Blue Ridge Parkway or crossing Afton Mountain, you can hardly see the front of the vehicle. Real fog lights do help in that situation.

      But even my 4Runner does not have real fog lights but just additional nighttime lighting.

      Ride Safe and Ride Often

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        The idea of yellow lights being better in the fog has been studied in depth by many departments of transportation going back 40 years or so, both stateside and in Europe (France). The consensus as I understand it is that there's no clear benefit in the color of the light.

        You're right about "fogs" being different though. The idea is to keep the light low and wide, thereby minimizing air born particulates reflecting light back to the driver. The short range and wide throw are intended for slow speed use to help drivers see the road and road edges; they're not meant to light up the road in the distance.

        Maybe SoCal can enlighten us further. I see they describe these as a fog\driving combo. Maybe the optics were designed to emit both types of patterns?

        George - 2013 F6B Standard - Largo, FL

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          That is a great question and yes, these are true fog lights. These lights use special optic lens to help cut thru the fog. They are also considered driving lights simply because they mount underneath your headlights. Just as srt8-in-largo explained the yellow lights that were used in the past provided no clear benefit to help with fog.
          Be Safe, Bee Seen!

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            Love SoCal products thanks the the Curiseman. Many choices out there, but found their products provide me a level of safety that sets the bar for lighting.

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