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    Congratulations to THEGLFORUM! We are excited to be a sponsor of this new forum!  SoCalMotoGear offers advanced HID and LED lighting products for your Gold Wing. We pride ourselves in delivering quality products and excellent service. Remember, Be safe...Be seen!
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    Be Safe, Bee Seen!

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    I have to post I don't have a choice. I bought the GL 1800 HID lights for my '13 F6B, installed them myself, and....they work GREAT. BTW, I did buy these directly from SoCalMotoGear. At first I installed them in all four headlights....lows and highs. That was a mistake, as the highs take too long to bring up to full brightness, and by the time they do, you have to click OFF the highbeams. So I changed the highs back to Halogen bulbs, installing the PIAA Super Whites in the high beams.

    Here is THEE important part....on Septmber 5th, 2013, I was struck by lightning (this is NOT a joke), and the lightning hit me on the helmet, at 70 mph. It is all over the Internet. The lightning traveled down my helmet headset cord, to the bike, through the bikes electrical system, and shot out the antenna. Witnesses gave testimony to all this. While the bike suffered over $ 10,000.00 electrical damage to it (I did NOT drop or wreck the bike).....the HID headlights that I had installed survived the lightning strike, and were all reusable in the rebuild.

    I ran into these guys from SoCalMotoGear at the Wing Ding in Madison, WI., related the story to them, and told them how great the HID lights are.

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      Hi MMR!

      It was a pleasure meeting you at Wing Ding this year! Thanks for sharing your story and we are glad you are here to share it with the rest of us!
      By far this is one of the best stories a customer has ever shared with us but the sweeter part is that you are still here to share it... Thank you!

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    Thanks for the sponsorship of the board!
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      Thanks for the sponsorship and the great prize of the Lens Kit that I won.
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        You are welcome and we're glad to be a part of the Best Gold Wing forum on the internet!
        Be Safe, Bee Seen!

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          Hi SoCal
          Next time your I.T. guys are working on your website pages can you get them to allow us Australians to access your site....we are getting blocked.....or is that intentional.....I always like to see that you guys have for sale....and the only way i can do it is to use a proxy server..

          2014 Candy Prominence GL1800 Luxury, Aust version, 'cause that's where I live.

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