Blind Spot Detection for your Gold Wing 1800

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    I installed MultiVex mirrors on my 2005. I love em. Can see vehicles in the mirror all the way up to when they are right beside me. Unfortunately MultiVex is no longer in business, but Wingstuff has another brand available.
    I transferred the MultiVex to my 2016. I also always check over my shoulder when changing lanes or turning.

    I like the idea of the blind spot warning. However for me it may be a distraction focusing on that little indicator. I can understand the price for the technology. But I would leave that to the individual as to weather this is a desired safety idea.

    Corventure Dave

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      I have MultiVex mirrors on my 01 too. They are great to see anything that is close to you. I still check over my shoulder but the mirrors do have their place.
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        That little indicator would be blinking its heart out while lane splitting, that's for dam sure.
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