J&M Blu<>Hub® Dongle 01-17 GL1800/F6B

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  • J&M Blu<>Hub® Dongle 01-17 GL1800/F6B

    This is J&Ms brand new Blu<>Hub® dual-module Bluetooth Dongle kit featuring the CSR/Qualcomm BlueCore8 IC chip-sets, loaded with J&M’s exclusive JMAHP software profile, for installation into 2001-2017 Honda GL1800/F6B.

    This latest version of the JMAHP profile from J&M provides low-latency aptX™ digital stereo to the headset, (aptX decoding active with BT03+plus or later model J&M headset) with simultaneous and continuous microphone signals back to the dongle audio source, allowing full stereo music, private driver/passenger intercom and CB radio transmissions.

    Now you can finally “Cut-The-Cord” between your helmet headset and the factory audio system on the GL1800/F6B WITHOUT sacrificing that great J&M sound!

    Complete details here https://www.jmcorp.com/ProductDetail.asp?ProductID=JBLU-DNG44-GL18

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    Does the Blu Hub dongle setup work with Mic-Mutes installed?
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      I have the older version. Do you do trade-in's?

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        Capt Bob ,,, Certainly, however we can be of assistance, send email to audio@jmcorp.com

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          Very cool!
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            I have the Sena SMH10R headsets. Not sure what version of bluetooth my headsets are. Will they work with this device?

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              lawingnutz ,,,,, yes, but the SENA headsets will connect to the new dongle in mono only, instead of the aptX stereo when using the new J&M BT03+/BT04 headsets ,,,,,

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                My SMH10R are Bluetooth 3.0. I think they are stero headsets, so why would they be in mono with the J&M dongle?

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                  Lawingnutz ,,,, The Bluetooth headsets that do NOT support the JMAHP profile (aptX stereo to the headset with simultaneous and continuous mike signals back to the dongle) must link to the J&M Dongle using the HFP profile, which is mono audio to the headset, with mike return for full intercom and CB operation thru the stock Honda audio system.

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