On Demand Video Rebate for DVD Owners

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  • On Demand Video Rebate for DVD Owners

    If you own my Goldwing Basics DVDs you can subscribe (purchase option) to my On Demand Video service and get a $40 rebate.

    What is Cruiseman On Demand?

    This service allows you to access all of my Goldwing maintenance videos in Full High-Definition on any device that can display video from the Internet. So, unlike my DVDs, you can watch these videos on your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Kindle Fire, or Smart TV.

    And, you can download the video files for viewing when you are offline.

    How to get your rebate

    When you subscribe to Cruiseman On Demand you will receive an email receipt from Vimeo.com. Do not delete that receipt!
    You will need to send Proof of Purchase of both the DVDs and the On Demand Service
    Print out your receipt from Vimeo.com for the On Demand
    Make a copy of your receipt for your DVDs (Wingstuff, DLP, Cyclemax or SoCalMotoGear)*
    Mail the copies of your receipts to the address below.

    Note: If you cannot find your receipt for the DVDs, you can send the jacket of your DVDs instead. Your DVD jacket will be returned with your rebate check.


    _____ Receipt from Vimeo.com for Cruiseman On Demand

    _____ Receipt for Cruiseman DVDs or DVD jacket

    _____ You full name and address where we should mail your rebate check

    Mail these three things to the address below:

    Cruiseman's Garage
    4464 Young Dr
    Carrollton TX 75010

    Save $1000 a year in labor by doing your own maintenance!

    Website | YouTube | 2001-2017 Videos | 2018+ Videos

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