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    For those of you who own my DVDs, or subscribe to my streaming On Demand videos, you can use this thread to post your review.

    Below are a few ideas of what you might wish to include in your review:
    • What do you like about about Cruiseman's Videos?
    • What maintenance item have the videos helped you to perform?
    • How much money do you think you have saved by doing the work yourself?

    Save $1000 a year in labor by doing your own maintenance!

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    Hey Cruiseman, I have one of the first edition sets of your dvd's that I've had for a long time. Don't use On Demand because I have no computer at home or one of those fancy cell phones so the dvd's work better for me. I should say that my 05' is the very first 1800 I've owned after riding nothing but other model GL's for the pas 37 yrs. so the dvd's have been very helpful to me, being a DIY'er when it comes to my bike maintenance. To answer your questions above:
    1. I like the videos because of their simplicity in explaing different maintenance procedures for DIY'ers.
    2. The one that helped me the most was how to change the air filter.
    3. It would be hard to put an actual figure to answer that question but it would be in the several hundred dollar range, easily.

    Just want to say Thanks very much for these videos, they've been very helpful to me to learn more about working on my 1800.
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      I have used the dvd and the way cruiseman explains every procedure along with the great video shots in all the hard to get to spots makes it so simple I decided to do my own maintenance myself. Cruisman explains in detail every procedure I was able to change my brakefluid, change my clutch fluid, drain and refill my antifreeze along with changing my driveshaft fluid with no problems. I would recommend these videos to anyone that wants to learn more about maintenance on there wing. As much as my dealer charges for everything I know I have saved hundreds of dollars.I think the on demand option is great also. you will not be disappointed

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        I love the DVD series. I use the dvd's because I like to pop them in on those cold, snowy days in the winter to help carry me through non-riding season. My co-rider and I do make it out on the roads in our heated gear with the pavement is dry. Thanks Cruiseman for the fun and informative videos. Keep up the good work and keep the sunny side up.
        [B]Shawn Banks[/B]
        GWRRA Region E - IL Ch Q
        Widows Sons - Raised & Riding Chapter-IL

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          I use the DVD's all the time I replaced the windshield , final drive oil, the belly pan, and oil changes. Saved me hundreds of dollars, money well spent.

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