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    I am looking for someone who does custom stitchery for my fender bras. What type of designs are available and any idea of costs?

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    There is a guy up in Oakdale, Mn that made some for me. He does sewing to boat covers etc. He made me two fender bras.
    I'll give you his number if you like

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      might try Tom Simmons in Fayetteville Ark. he made me a set and is making another set as i type with custom stitching. anything you want he said he could put it on. price 300-400
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        Frozn in Mn. This guy from Oakdale did everything by machine. Custom work--the way you want it.
        The name is United Textiles. (651) 702-4228
        Cost me $ 100.00 for both fenders
        Good luck


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          try again

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            I shoud add that I already have bras on, just looking for some stitching ideas, designs to put on them.

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              Sorry, I mis-understood about the bras. Good luck on a design
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