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  • Trike Talk Forum?

    Anyone know what's happened there? Trying to look up something in the archives.

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    Hmm. The site doesn't come up at all for me.
    George - 2013 F6B Standard - Largo, FL

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      Saw this couple days ago and tried the trike forum and came right up.

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        Need information for rear rotors 2006 gl1800 trike

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          Contact the trike supplier.

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            Originally posted by m2102 View Post
            Contact the trike supplier.
            Concur. I would guess it's a different answer for each style of trike.
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              If it's a RS kit they are most likely VW rotors.

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                Do this one time.... Brand of Kit and Model, locate the serial number, Call Manufacturer, give them the Serial Number, order rotors for your Serial Number...... and your done!!!! Til you have to install them...
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                  Has anyone seen or heard of anybody using the ‘Insta-Trike kit’ from Tow Pac USA on their Goldwing (or any bike)? Check out the attached link & see if this is a great & affordable alternative to a trike conversion. I’ll be following the comments below in the upcoming weeks ahead.
                  You tube video:

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