Converting a 2014 to a Trike

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  • Converting a 2014 to a Trike

    I'm looking forward to converting my bike to a trike...only thing is I wanna make sure I get the best,yet not the craziest and not so much fiberglass. I wanna make sure of Independent Suspension, the proper Rake, the Brakes properly connected, mebbe (airbag) ride. Now I just gotta find a place that has different setups where I can test ride etc...

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    I might suggest getting to one, or a few, of the "big shows," like Daytona and Sturgis. Each of the big names are usually at these and they all do Demo rides. This is the best time to move from trike to trike, as well as Spyder and the like to see what each has to offer. Some "local" shops that might buidl a brand or two will do Demo rides, but your best bet is to try and get to a show. There are some really good builders out there.....................and some know. Good luck with your project. Give a holler if I can be of any help.
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      I belong to a social club with a large percent of trikes and several of the riders recommended an independent dealer. He works on all brands of cycles and kits and was a world of good advice. Also I got a test ride on his wing. I had mine worked on during last winter and got to enjoy it for all of this season. Enjoy the world of 3.

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