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  • Road Smith EBC Pads

    Had them installed Wednesday at the Trike Shop in Daytona Beach. Brakes are better, but the labor, painful. Fortunately, Bear Lake sent me the EBC pads at no cost, that was a help. The old pads were glazed so maybe that was part of the problem.

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    I tried a set of EBC pads on my 2007. I liked the feel of the pads actually better than OEM. However, they did not last as long or wear as good as the OEM pads. So, I have gone back to OEM.
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      That's interesting, fortunately I saved the OEMs with plenty of pad left, so I scrub the glaze off the old and put them back on

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        I have only used OEM in the 150,000 miles I have ridden GL1800's. Never had a problem and they are relatively easy to install.
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          I'm using EBC pads and I have about 20K miles on them and I can still see meat on the pads. Their stopping power is much much better than OEM.

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            I changed to EBC Yellow Stuff nearly 34,000 miles ago and when I checked them three weeks ago can probally get the same out of the balance of the pads. At first I was worried they were going to wear to fast but after a few heated painic stops as the recommend they seemed to harden up some and don't dust everything up now.... I got Blueribbon to try them and sounds like another winner. For us they fit the Roadsmith that uses VW pads, I know some of Champions use the same....
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              Hi all,
              I have a 2012 GL 1800 Comfort, Nav, ABS, XM wing with a HTS Road Smith trike kit with Vance Hines mufflers.

              Well more brake talk about rear brakes on the Road Smith trikes. I was just told that EBC pads are specially made for Road Smith.
              So I guess until I get them out and measure and start looking around will I figure it out. I have found several part numbers from the manual to other BB
              but Marvin at Road Smith said they are specially made.
              Now the rotors OMG again specially made no after market. Funny their web page say built with Automotive PARTS OFF THE SHELF. NOT!!
              Oh well I will keep you all posted on how I make out next week when I start taking it apart.

              update: You can no longer can get the 5 lug rotor with pressed in studs. You have to get rotors that are tapped and use a special lug bolts , No lug nuts

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                I had a RoadSmith HTS1800 trike kit installed last summer. Paperwork I was given says the pads are from volkswagen Beetle to be exact. There's a PN for them & the rotors

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