06 with a motor trike conversion

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  • 06 with a motor trike conversion

    wanting to know what the top and bottom price on the above bike with the kit install]led would be. Are there any problems with this kit. Which motor trike kit is better than the others. A friend is looking at this bike and I was wondering about the pro's and cons. Also is troupe tx. the closest place for maintenance on this trike from San Antonio

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    Motor Trike is just like any other trike convertion. All you have to do is to check with all the different kits and go from there.

    There is about 6 other dealers that will be more then happy to put your trike together. The real thing is----your have to do your

    homework with who will get the job. check with neighbors, put a call out to find who like their done job.. I would say

    you got to search, search, search for the best installer. Just saying. I 'thought' this guy was the best. Boy, was I wrong. It took me

    about 2 years to get it all the way it was suppose to have been. Now I'm happy. And I tell everyone the same about their new trikes.

    Good luck in all you do. Check, check, check CIRBTAP

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      Check with different installers of the kit, you will get different prices. There are dealers in San Antonio, Seguin, Crosby and Kemah. Check Motortrike's website for more dealers in Texas.

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        Marvin, there is a Motor Trike dealer right there in San Antonio (below). Got this info from the Motor Trike website... http://www.motortrike.com/

        Alamo Cycle Plex
        11900 IH 10 West
        San Antonio, TX 78230 USA
        210-696-2000 Phone
        210-696-3069 Fax
        [email protected]

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