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  • Trailer Size for my Goldwing

    Greetings Trike Owners,

    On my road trips around the country, I notice once in a while good used trailers for sale to haul my Roadsmith trike to warmer climates.
    (I know, I'd rather ride it there.)

    What approx. size trailer do you guys use or recommend?

    Also, are most trikes brands measurements the same side by side?


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    I purchased a trailer for my Harley with a DFT kit. After shopping around, I purchased a 7X14 v nose trailer. When looking at trailers, measure the door opening width. I found they vary also. The width of the trikes vary. You can get the measurements from their website. hope this helps.

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      I use a 10' X 6' trailer to haul mine but I would rather have a 12' or longer. My next trailer will be an enclosed one.

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        A 7X14 would be great for what you want, I haul my wifes motortrike and my 1800 2 wheel.

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          Lots of options and lots of sizes, enclosed or open. As mentioned the size of the trike kits are different from one to the next. I have a 6X12 single axle open that my Trike has ridden in once. No muss no fuss and it had no problem back behind my Chevy 1500, which of course is Red. I did not/do not use the gate that came with the trailer, but instead use a set of three ramps that I purchased for the job.
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            I've used my enclosed Loadmaster snowmobile trailer to haul mine. 7x20 foot with drop down back door. Just drive it in, secure front tire and back end to floor tie downs. It weighs 1500# empty and has a aluminum frame, fiberglass body, dual axles with front electric brakes.

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