Protective Film on My Trike Fenders

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  • Protective Film on My Trike Fenders

    Anyone work with the 3-M protective film on the front section on their trikes fenders.

    Did you apply it yourself?
    I understand many body shops worked with it a lot.

    Also will it work on the lower cowling behind the front wheel to keep road crime off the bike?

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    I have applied the 3M film (pro series) to my 2014 Lexus. You can make your own template and cut the film yourself. I ordered from Invisible Mask and with a $75 or more you get the install kit and DVD. A trike fender is a simple installation compared to an auto bumper or hood. You will need to make up a bottle of the slip solution with alcohol, water and liquid soap. They give you the proper measurements on their website. You will also need one of their little rubber squeegees (not sure how you spell that). Do it yourself and save some money. If you lived in Dallas, I would help you and make a video of the process.
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      I got a bloke to put the clear onto all the leading edges when I picked up my new Wing.
      You can do it yourself but it is tricky.
      Im sure there is some u-tube stuff on it if you look.
      Make sure you don't skimp on the film, the cheaper stuff is crap - according to the bloke who did mine.
      Mine was cost + a box of beer which we shared as he did the job and I gave him the directions.
      This is an example of his reply's as he was doing the job "just sit over there and let me get the ****ing job done will ya."
      Yes we are still friends.
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        I had my dealer put mine on. He said I could take it off and put it on when cleaning the Trike. It worked 2 times and then wouldn't stick so I have kept it off. Very few stone chips as I think my Aqua Shields and my lower Trike leg wings keep protect the fenders. I can see many places where the junk has hit the Leg wings and not the fenders.
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          If I am not mistaken member "OhioWinger" has significant experience with protective coatings like the 3M stuff. You might want to send him a PM. I plan on contacting him myself because I am trying to find the best alternative to protect some of the parts on my scoot.
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            Guys I sell Chip Gard an 8-10 mill clear static cling film for the trike fender, check my websuite:
            click on th chip gard icon, haven't had a comjplaint in about seven years that I have been selling it.
            Jack & Jolene on a GL1800/Champion Trike out of Silver Springs, FL.

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