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  • Put your trike to good use

    Put your trike to good use this winter

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    Now there is a man that will not let much stand between him, and riding his wing ! :woohoo:
    2002 GoldWing 1800, VStreem Windshield, HID's, Digital MP3 Player,
    Bull Dog Alarm System, Belly Pan, RAM Cup Camera Garmin holders.

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      Yes, it's coming. Only thing that stops me is the road salt. Don't want to get into all the little places to try and clean it all out.
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      Why sweat the leg thing when I can still ride a Goldwing
      Member of the Hann-Amigo Trio

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        That picture just chills me to the bone! The older I get the more I don't like the cold.
        Houston traffic may be horrible but at least it doesn't get cold for very long down here. We can ride most of the year if we want to.
        2012 Goldwing CSC Viper Trike
        Retired MSF Instructor

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          Wisconsin winter will be coming soon. I'll be putting my trike to bed this coming weekend.
          T.A. Jens
          The Pizza Man
          1800 06 White Champion Trike
          2005 Bunkhouse Camper
          2006 Breeze Cargo Trailer
          GWRRA Life Member

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