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    Talked to John Lee @ext 224:

    Wanted to know how to raise the rear end of my Trike to get more travel out of it..
    And get a price on their optional aux gas tank.

    Good price on the aux tank but more than my skills to install
    Need to remove the skin

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    I have to admit that I am really enjoying my Hannigan and very happy that I went with the Aux. tank. I have really put it to the test while on my rides. Yes, in order to get that installed it does require the patient to get completely undressed. If there was some way I could help, I would be happy too.
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    Why sweat the leg thing when I can still ride a Goldwing
    Member of the Hann-Amigo Trio

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      "Wanted to know how to raise the rear end of my Trike to get more travel out of it..
      And get a price on their optional aux gas tank."

      Raising the rear end will transfer weight to the front. Hannigan and Roadsmith are so long that the front is already heavy. Might want to think about that.

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      • gr8phun
        gr8phun commented
        Editing a comment
        Good point
        I bottomed out a month a go going over a speed hump at what I though was a slow speed
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