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  • Reverse rotation

    Thx for all of the relies re tire urchase. Should I reverse the rotation with my new Michelin Keyboard still not working.

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    I have run my 1st MPA and now my present one reversed.
    I'm due for a new one next spring. I'm going to mount it the regular way, not reversed, just to see if there is any difference.
    T.A. Jens
    The Pizza Man
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    2005 Bunkhouse Camper
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      I haven't changed tires yet but will pretty soon. I'm going to run the new BT45 forward. I have read tons of posts and it really doesn't seem to matter which direction you run them so I'm just going to keep it standard.
      2012 Goldwing CSC Viper Trike
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        I have run both the BT45 and Pilot Activ in each direction. It seems that in the forward rotation they are slightly quieter. The most mileage with less cupping was attained in forward although it could have been the same if it was reversed mounted with the same tire.

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          Rain grooves are cut for best channeling of water in the forward running position. Tires are directional only for that reason. Makes no sense to run them backwards. When mine needs replacing, then I'll be running the same Michelin tire in the correct designed direction.

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            I’m replaced my Pilot Activ that was mounted reverse by previous owner. I got 22k miles out of it before it developed a weary indentation in the middle. I replaced it with another of the same, except mounted in forward rotation. I now have 4K miles on it and it’s begi to sing loudly at between 55-60 mph. I may turn it around to reverse rotation for the next 4-5 k miles just to see if the wear is more even at the 22k mike mark.

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