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  • Trike tire mileage

    I'm reading that some people are getting 30-40K miles on a set of trike tires. How many miles are you getting on your trike tires? I had the MPA tire installed in reverse rotation on the front and whatever Roadsmith uses for the rear tires.
    Jeff, Northwest Indiana
    '19 Wing / Roadsmith HTX1800

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    Right after I bought my new 06 Champion, I put on a chrome front wheel and a MPA rear tire mounted in reverse to match the chrome back ones.
    The tires were wearing very nice at 41psi front, 26 back (25,000 miles on them) but we were going on a long trip, so I decided to put on new front and backs.
    I now have almost 20,000 on those and they are still good for many miles to come..
    T.A. Jens
    The Pizza Man
    1800 06 White Champion Trike
    2005 Bunkhouse Camper
    2006 Breeze Cargo Trailer
    GWRRA Life Member

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      I currently have 41,000 on my rear tires and they still have a lot of miles left in them. Now, as for the front tire, I have never got more than 12,000 miles out of one.

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        Most on a front is around 16,000. I don't doubt the mileage some get. would like to know how they do it.
        Old Fred

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          Fred, I blow the tires up myself. It's all that hot air that does it I am sure.
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            BT 45 (rear) on my Road Smith, tread is looking good after 6000 miles, so I'm encouraged to get some long miles.

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