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    This is the video that we made from this weekend. It is not a great video but it will give you and idea of the fun that we had this weekend. Watch it and plan on attending this event next year.

    Watch video here:

    The Nashville Road Kill Ride In is a group of trike owners and their wives that frequent the gl1800riders forum. They meet once a year for a meet and greet and eat. Many friendships have been established over the years and it is great to meet and see each other face to face. Neither Judy

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    Fantastic. That most certainly captures the great time that was had by all.
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      Great job.... the New Trike Photographer and Video-ographer very nice.....
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        Great pics and video Bruce. Nice editing. What software do you use?

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          Really liked the video!!
          We'll be at next years rally for sure.
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            Ed, I just used I movie on our Mac computer.

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