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  • Chrome wheels from Roadsmith

    Last October when I had my wing converted, I got the chrome wheel option on my Roadsmith HT1800. Yesterday I was washing the bike and noticed the chrome has started pitting already. Anybody else have this problem with fairly new wheels? I'm calling Roadsmith tomorrow to see what they have to say. I'd take some photos but chrome is hard to show detail due to all the reflections.
    Jeff, Northwest Indiana
    '19 Wing / Roadsmith HTX1800

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    This is not an uncommon symptom with chrome nowadays. The EPA has cracked down on the chrome-plating process and the companies are having to use "environmentally" friendly chemicals. The quality is not nearly as good as it used to be, and the price is much higher. That is why most, if not all, car manufacturers have gotten away from chrome wheels, almost all are either painted or powder-coated now.

    That said, Roadsmith should make this right.
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    • bikerbillone
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      Let us know if Road Smith steps up to make this right. This business of the chrome flaking is one big reason I haven't had my front wheel done. No way I want spend those kinds of dollars and see flaking, so I continue to rub the OEM wheel.

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    I also have the chrome wheels on my Roadsmith - I'll have to look at them again, cause the bikes in my garage, put away for it's long winter's hibernation ..(foot of snow on ground now)
    I also wax'd the heck out of them though...


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