Is there any way to turn off the TPMS light?

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  • GL1800 (2012+): Is there any way to turn off the TPMS light?

    The yellow TPMS light is continually lit, most likely because one or more of my TPMS sensors has a dead battery. Since I am about ready to sell my 2012, I am not too keen on spending $400 to buy new sensors. Besides, I have a far superior Doran TPMS system installed.

    Is there any way to "turn off" that annoying light?

    I found a tech sheet from Lehman Trikes on how to do this, but was wondering if any of you have done this before.
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    Is this what you're talking about?

    Tire Pressure Indicator Light Disable
    For motorcycles equipped with a Tire Pressure
    Monitor System (TPMS) the warning light on the
    dashboard will stay on.

    Follow the following procedure to
    disable the warning light: Figure 50
    a. Remove the right front fairing pocket to
    access the TPMS control module.
    b. Locate the Green wire and the White/Yellow
    wire on the TPMS module wiring harness
    c. Splice the Green wire and the White/Yellow
    wire together to disable the light.
    d. Replace the wiring to it’s original location
    e. Replace the fairing pocket.
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      You can change out the battery on the current one you have is another option - Remove Valve core - break the tire bead -Use clamps to do that by the Valve stems -Clamp the tire to one side -now remove the valve stem and you can work on the replacing the battery.

      No need to remove the tire from the rim.

      You can also get a pre made plug and play solution from a Trike MFG -They Disable them all the time when converting - using a pre-made plug. NO cutting and splicing -Check with Motor-Trike
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        I bought the "kit" from motor trike or California side car-can't remember. It was plug and play. I did it so that I could swap rear wheels easier without the light coming on.

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          I got it done. Here is a video:

          Save $1000 a year in labor by doing your own maintenance!

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