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  • GL1800 (Any Year): Lamair Lip

    I have been trying different shields and combos (air wing/vent wings) since I bought my 04 2 years ago.. buffeting at 75 running down the highway.... until now.. I have spent over 1000 dollars on this problem an in one desperate last ditch effort I bought a 90 dollar pieces of plastic and it fixed the issue.. Appears the Lamair lip and hand wings is the ticket for me....What follows is the other things I have tried that didn't work... Hope it help someone... BTW I wear ear plugs anytime I ride

    Windbender HP 15 on the bike when I bought it....(along with bake air and hand wings.) this worked ok until I need airflow and opened the wings then I was in horrible air like thunder in my helmet

    Changed to a Windbender 13 top and removed the air wings per Dave @ Firecreek pretty much same results good until it was hot and wanted air flow...

    F4 custom +2 this was a little better for the buffetting but right in my line of sight and I would get pain in my neck trying to look over it....

    F4+4 this was the best option for buffetting was quiet behind the shield and even with the hand wings open it was good...Problem was in sunlight the dash reflects back in the line of, tried to ignore it but gave me a headache ever time....also couldn't get use to looking though it..

    Windbender HPS with rake kit.... couldn't make this work was to many moving parts and other issues.....

    Vstream SE.... Horrible worst buffetting screen I have wind right at helmet

    So I went back to the stock screen and was just gonna live with it.....I would have just traded the bike for an FJR or Connie 14 but the wife is spoiled on this bike and I want to keep here riding with me...BTW it seems that no matter what shield I put on she doesn't seem to notice a difference what she notices is if I open the hand wings and don't warn her it blows her arm off her armrest...

    So since I am back to stock figured I would try the lamair lip and see.....It seems to make a huge difference I rode 50 miles @ 75mph and it was heaven even able to open the vent wings without issue.....Came home pulled it off and repeated the ride...Lets just say the lip is on to stay.....I just can believe all the difference it makes....

    Here i am looking around my shop and eyes fall on the Tenere with its MRA Vario Screen with spoiler... which got me I put the spoiler all the way down and when for a ride...buffetting.....Return trip i raised the spoiler and heaven...

    So in conclusion it seems that lamair air flow is important to my comfort on a bike...

    I am writing this in hope of helping someone else find comfort and not waste the money I have.....


    PS at the start of my journey I use to find a correct size and shaped helmet.....

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    Thanks, Dan- I've been through the same as detailed on this forum. Agree that V-Stream is garbage- they should be ashamed to charge for it. Laminar Lip did nothing for me- returned it for refund. F4 Custom Plus 4 big improvement over stock, but after a few years with some buffetting remaining tried the Windbender tallest size (15?) and that has been the best. True, when Baker hand wings open it is noisier (yup- wear hearing protection all rides) but still have found that best performance. Still, it bugs me that NO ONE can design a proper windshield (ever ride a bike that has a nice quiet protected bubble of non turbulent air? Homda fell short on this!!

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      So, what did you do with the Windbender items?

      (I believe the word is 'laminar' - for those searching for this topic in the future - )
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        I have a stock 2002 windshield and run it 2d notch up. I often ride with my Scorpion Modular helmet lid up all the time and had some buffeting before I was given a Laminar lip and although its not perfect I did notice a big difference. I also have added home-made hand wings under the mirrors (one of my first engineered deflector projects); I needed them the first winter to deflect the wind from my hands. Together they do the trick for me. You do have to fiddle around a bit to get the lip in the right position for where you set your windshield. I don't like fighting to see through a rain soaked or frosted up windshield so I am one that looks over the top and still my helmet with the lid up in 25 degrees doesn't get rattled around and I have almost no wind on my face. My lip is about 1/4 inch above the windshield edge.
        Tom, in Mountain Home, Idaho
        2002 GL1800 (Illusion Red) Non-ABS, 110k miles
        Retired Air Force "Audentes Fortuna Juvat"

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