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  • McGuyver ROCKS!

    Just installed the belly pan- recommended by Cruiseman- I've thought about it for a while and finally did it- instructions (which anticipate pronlems you may have and tell you how to get around them) are superb. Didn't tale long at all. Product gets a "10" and instructions also get a "10". BTW, McGuyver puts his email at the end of the instructions in case you need help. Well done!

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    Me thinks you made a wise choice. A belly pan can really save your engine.
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      Does he make them for any othe r bikes like my CTX1300

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        Any issues using a scissor jack with the McGuyver BP installed?

        I currently have a vented all aluminum BP which is very flexible and appears not to add any stress to the attachment points when I use a scissor jack to lift up the bike and front wheel for tire changes, maintenance, etc.,

        I like the looks of McGuyver's BP, however I have also cracked Aluminum Checker plates before on Highway Tractors, which admittedly is a much harsher environment.

        However, better to ask a silly question now

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          I have been thinking the same question! Even though I have the flexible (some what) aluminum belly pad, bought too soon before the new one.
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            Didn't really think about the jacking question (though I did use a jack as McGuyver suggests to push up the pan). Best to query him, unles Cruiseman can shed light. The other thing is, though, you loosen the 4 nuts that hold it (lower fairing acorn nuts) so it's a mere extra 5 minutes labor if you need to jack. Other commenters on the old forum say they use a jack with it in place with no problems. Hope that helps

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              This was one of my first farkles.... I have already scrubbed it in pretty good on a trip to the mountains. It does scrub a bit in the tight twisties but I'd rather be scrubbing on it than a thin flexible one.

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