Don't do that, it will void your warranty!

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  • Don't do that, it will void your warranty!

    Seems like almost anything you may want to do to your bike, regardless of brand or model, someone out there is going to tell you "If you do that, it'll VOID your warranty. Rest assured, Not Everything you do will void the warranty, including performance upgrades. Federal Law protects consumers from such things on ALL vehicles that require it to be licensed for street use, automobiles and motorcycles (most off-road vehicles come with a 30-90 day warranty if your lucky). If you change something on your bike to increase performance and something breaks, the manufacturer must be able to prove it was a direct relation to the upgrade you did. i.e. you put a new exhaust and you snap a rod. That exhaust by itself would in no way cause the rod to snap, no it cannot void your warranty.
    Modifying your new car won’t automatically void your manufacturer’s warranty. But it may cost you depending on the mod. Here is what you need to know. I got a few questions the other day about vehicle modifications and whether a manufacturer can void your warranty over them after I mentioned the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. …

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    The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act is one of the most mis quoted and mis understood documents in transportation history.

    Modifications to vehicles are usually not a problem as long as a measure of common sense is used in the process.
    As you said, there needs to be proof that a modification, a non OEM part, or outright abuse was the root cause of a failure before a warranty can be denied.

    Even when a legitimate warranty denial occurs, a dealership service manager that is willing to work with his valued customer can go a long way in getting a repair covered.
    I can't begin to tell you how many times I gone to bat for a customer that had an out of warranty issue and got it covered for them.

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