LED"s and Muth Mirrors Voltage Leak

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  • LED"s and Muth Mirrors Voltage Leak

    So I put in the LED's from Socal Motogear that Cruiseman made a video on. In any case the bike is all LED on the external lights. I also have the Muth 7 LED mirrors. When I push to cancel the turn signal it looks like a little voltage is somehow leaking through and a few of the Muth LEDs are lit as well as the green indicator on the dash for the side that was blinking. If I do a sort of center to cancel this does not happen.

    I know Cruiseman put this same set up on his bike because he has a video of installing it. Does any one have this set up and did you have this issue?

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    Sorry, Scada, Imhave the same mirrors for a long time with no issues. Any chafed wires?

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      Originally posted by CaptLen View Post
      have the same mirrors for a long time with no issues. Any chafed wires?
      Do you have the LED's as well? No chafed wires

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        On the LED flasher are you supposed to discard the OEM flasher? I put the LED flasher in line with the OEM Flasher. Why are there 2 connectors on it?

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          Ok I heard from SocalMoto. Turns out I had included the OEM flasher in the mix. The 2 connections on the LED flasher is for different year bikes. Not to deflect the blame but I had a buddy over and he agreed that the OEM flasher plugs into the LED flasher.

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