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  • Front Tire?

    Its been about 4 years (about 8000 miles) since I needed a front tire on my 2006 GW and got the Bridgestone G709 then.

    I was wondering if there is a better front tire that has appeared since then or the G709 is still the 'Tire'.

    I do ride a little 'sporty' at times (with the wife too).

    I have a CT for the rear.

    Its entirely possible there has been a new tire developed that works well for the GW on dry and wet surfaces then I have not been made aware of.

    Thanks in advance for your opinions.
    2006 Titanium Level 3 'Wing with a few 'farkles. From Mesa, Az.
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    I haven't found anything that out performs the G709 for my riding style. Good luck in your search.
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      Originally posted by TravelinLite View Post
      I haven't found anything that out performs the G709 for my riding style. Good luck in your search.
      Same here.
      2008 Red GW1800 -- NRA Life Member - American Legion PUFL, American Legion Riders
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        The best I have found for the 1800 is the 709.

        but this like anything else is just an opinion.

        A riding buddy has tried the 709 and prefers the Cobra.

        When people ask me what tire they should try?

        I tell them all the same thing.

        The only way you'll know what feels or lasts best for you is to try them all like I had to.
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        Maker of the Rocky Tree & Comfort Risers.
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          I am running the same..... 709 on the front and CT on the rear. Only reason to consider switching would be the reviews of the new Dunlop Elite 4 and it's performance/mileage etc. A couple of my group are running those now and seem to like them. Mileage is still a question mark.

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            709 here.
            Costa Mesa, CA
            2012 RED GL1800

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              Yet another vote for the 709...

              'Cuz we know how you ride, Tim! :D

              Interesting - I've got quite a trip planned real soon, so I'm pulling off a 709 that I've put 9k on that still has a little (2k? 3k?) life remaining.

              Shoot for you that's about a years' worth.

              Ken (IBA #50030) & Grace (IBA #62768)Tucson, AZ"Get busy living, or get busy dying." -Andy Dufresne, The Shawshank Redemption 1994ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕMy blog

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