So... anyone try a Lithium battery in the GW?

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  • So... anyone try a Lithium battery in the GW?

    I just ordered on of these from WS.

    My OEM battery and 3 years old and I am feeling I want to replace it before my long trip to Mexico next month.
    I have had great success with lithium batteries in other applications I make an executive decision and committed to the upgrade.

    Anyone with an real world experience or feedback with these batteries?

    Deltran Battery Tender's® line of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) engine start batteries are designed to replace Flooded, AGM, and Gel cell lead
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    Yes, as a matter of fact, I did use a Lithium and did not have great results with it. In fairness, I found that I had a .23 AMP draw that took the batter down twice, but after the second time, the batter would not recover. I did use a trickle charger with it, and while it brought it back to a usable state the first time, it would not on the second. I spoke with a rep from the store and was told that given this is "new" technology, there were having some problems.
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      Hum, well that sucks, however thanks Wheels for taking the time to reply!
      2010 GL1800ADA (CDN eh!)
      DS 1126
      15 Tiger 800 XCX
      14 WR250R
      95 FLSTC Sold to a nice family.

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        If I recall, Fred Harmon did some testing when these first became available for the Goldwing. I think he had less than favorable things to say about them too.

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          I think there's also a problem in cold weather climates. IIRC they don't push cranking amps very well at freezing (or below) temps.
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            I have not tried one in the GW, but on lithium batteries in general, there's a time and place. They work well for constant power for a specified duration in controlled climate. However, once they start their downward drain they don't seem to recover. Also, as Tadpole mentioned, they have a real problem with cold. I've had to stop using them in my critter cam for both reasons. They die earlier than alkaline batteries because they don't naturally recharge between uses and when it gets cold they simply die.
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